Wireless Internet Moves Your Home Office Outside

Having the ability to work at home is something many people enjoy while also dislike. You are happy to be working at your house and not sitting in a stuffy office, however, you find yourself looking out the window at the beautiful day you should be enjoying. You can move your home office outside when you have a reliable wireless Internet connection!

Everyone wants to enjoy the job they have to do five days out of the week – often more than that. You want to tell your friends and family that you love working, but the truth is often that you would rather be doing something else. You sit there in your home office looking out the window and wonder about all the great things you could be doing with your day if you weren’t trapped inside. Well, if you have a wireless Internet connection, you don’t have to be trapped inside that home office while you’re working.

Your boss doesn’t even have to know that you are working from outside of your house as long as you are still able to get online and check your e-mail, update important files and research information on the World Wide Web. You can still search for all the information you need online and e-mail your reports back to your boss even if you aren’t sitting in your home office – as long as you have mobile wimax to help you stay connected to the virtual world.

WiMax is a technology that is available in many cities all over the United States of America that allows you to get online from virtually anywhere in the city. You can get online while you’re sitting in your home office, of course, but you can also get online while you’re outside of your house or office. You can still access your e-mail and online server while you’re sitting at a restaurant down the street from your house enjoying lunch. That restaurant doesn’t even have to have a Wifi connection because you will be sitting there with your own 4G network to connect to. And you’ll be connected on a network that is significantly faster than the typical 3G network or dial-up connection that you might be used to.

You can even get online while you’re sitting outside of your house enjoying the beautiful weather you usually have to look at through your window. Next time you’re sitting in your home office looking out the window, you won’t have to wonder what it would be like to work outside because you can actually pick up your computer and move yourself and your work outside with your mobile wimax. Your boss won’t even know you’re connecting to the Internet from outside of your house because you’ll have a reliable connection that can keep you online and checking your e-mail no matter where you are in the city. All you need is WiMax and you can move your home office outside!

Inspiring Office Decoration Design Ideas

The office is the place where we spend most of our time everyday working hard for long hours, so it is very necessary to care about the design and the decoration of our offices and the offices of our employees if we are business owners. The offices which are overcrowded, not organized and not well designed have a bad effect on the employees as they make them lazy even if they have the desire to work, while the offices which are well designed and decorated in an attractive way do not only have a good shape that encourages the employees to work, but they also motivate them to do their best and to be more energetic.

The designs and the decorations of the offices should be comfortable for the employees. The offices should be well equipped to ensure high performance, should be wide and have enough space for free movement. The offices which are well lit specially with the natural light will be full of energy and will stimulate the employees to be more active. There should be harmony between the colors of the floors, walls, ceilings and furniture of the office.

It will be a good thing to make the offices look contemporary through choosing modern pieces of furniture, colors and tiles. Making desks close to each other will save more space in the office and will encourage the collaborative work between employees to make them one team. For the best design and decoration, you can consult designers who are specialized in decorating offices to make use of their experience in this field.

If you like elegance and luxury you will choose the classic decoration design it is more complicated but more luxurious too and dark colors will add a magnificent environment at your office. In classic designs designers use large antiques and lamps which are suitable for the classic mode, here are some of the most inspiring office classic decoration.

You will need to pick up your furniture from a professional store with professional designers such as Ikea furniture store, the size of the office will be big enough so besides the desk you will need a conference table and some chairs, you can buy some pillows for the chairs to provide comfort and make you feel that you work at home.

Finally, to increase the rate of productivity and to make your employees creative, you will need to choose good designs and decorations for the offices to make them inviting, to stimulate your employees to do their best and to improve their performance.

Moving Your Home-Based Business Online

You have a product, you have a place to create it, you know that you can make money over your costs, and you have even sold your wares to people who love them. What more could you want? How about the world? Moving your craft-business online is one way to make your special products accessible to the anyone who has an internet connection. But where do you start? What is involved in getting your products online?

Here are five simple things to know before you make this life-changing move:

1. Work with a Web Developer who Does Quality Work.

Not all web developers are alike. When looking online for a web developer, look to find what others have said of their services. Customer testimonials are very important. If the developer’s site does not contain testimonials, ask for them.

2. Take Note of the Prices and What Options are being Offered.

Don’t fail to read any fine-print. Determine up-front what IS and ISN’T part of the contract. Some developers offer one price for their services. Others offer tiered pricing based upon various plan option. Here, you must choose the best option for your needs. Don’t pay for features you won’t use, but don’t get into a plan that cannot grow with you as your business grows and the need for more storage space, e-mail addresses, etc. grows.

3. Ask for a Mock-Up.

A mock-up is an image of a web-page. The more automated development firms may not offer this, but some firms will provide a mock-up or template idea of what your site will look like when finished. It may not include your products, but it will show you where things will be located, the color, text style, and other important visual elements that will greatly help you in learning if the proposed site is something of interest to you. It is good to remember at this point that a great deal of time is spent by developers in creating the overall look of a site and that his work is very time-consuming. particularly when it relates to images. Since some firms don’t charge for mock-ups, asking for mock-up after mock-up for the littlest of things is not the way to establish a good relationship.

4. Determine the Length of Time Needed for the Site to be Finished.

In my work as a web developer I have found that the number one reason why a site does not finish according to an original time schedule is due not to the fault of the developer but the site owner. You must have for the developer your business information, contact details, product images, product descriptions, and other important information that is essential to the completion of the site. Some developers will seed the site with a few products, providing you with instructions so that you can add the remaining ones. If you do not have the content, they cannot finish the site. I remember well the site I built where the owner was giving me content… on a daily basis. I was building the site only to have new information about what the owner wanted to change on what I had just thought completed. I now require my clients to provide me with all of the content they want on the site before I begin adding the first item. I build the site, they supply the content.

5. Take a Good Final-Review.

This is one of the most important steps you can perform. My clients have one opportunity to look at every page, every product, every element of the website and provide me with a detailed punch-list of changes to be made. Now is NOT the time to change the structure of the site. That should have been covered in the mock-up stage. This is the time to change the placement of the content. Maybe the text in an area is too large. An image is difficult to see? That can be changed. Is there a link that doesn’t work? The change request should be noted. On the punch-list, be specific as to what page and the location of the change to be made. For instance, a change like “On the fifth page there is a typo” is not sufficient. However, this is a much better correction request: “On the product2 page, there is a typo in the 2nd sentence of the first paragraph in the middle of the page. It should read, “It is not always” rather than “It is know always.”

Moving your home-based business online is a matter of taking steps. Those steps will get you online in no time! Go ahead.. make the move… take your business to the world!

Problems With Doors, Windows And Roofs: What Causes Wood Rot?

Even the sturdiest of homes can be susceptible to rotting wood. Rot can happen at any time; however, if it’s caught and corrected early enough, it can be rather inexpensive to repair. Inspect the wooden areas of your home, including the flashing around patio doors, entry doors and windows, roof, bathrooms, kitchens and more, regularly to ensure that you’re not leaving your home vulnerable to this common problem.

What Causes Wooden Surfaces To Rot?

Quite simply, rotting wooden surfaces are caused by a combination of moisture and warmth. Moisture and fungus spores are found naturally in the air and these typically aren’t major concerns. However when the percentage of water in the air increases, the fungus spores will grow dramatically and can start to break down the wood fibers. If the spores simply brush off the wooden surfaces, they’re unlikely to cause any structural damage (but it’s a good idea to remove them anyway!).

Doors, Windows And Roofs: Common Problem Areas

Common outdoor problem areas include entry doors, patio doors, decks and windows. If you’re looking for potential issues, pay special attention to the joints because these areas are particularly slow to dry out after a heavy rain or especially humid day. There are other areas beside patio doors, entry doors, decks and windows, however. The most common places to look for rotting wooden surfaces in your home include the attic and roof space, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, basements and crawl spaces.

If you’ve noticed wet spots on your ceiling, it’s important to get into your attic and look for water damage. Oftentimes, once the water has reached the ceiling, it’s caused big problems to your roof and attic space, which means you could have hidden rotting areas in your attic. Also look for weak or creaky spots in your floorboards and mold or moisture stains in your kitchen and bathrooms because this is typically a sign of a leaking pipe lurking somewhere in your home.

Fixing The Problem

Luckily for homeowners, fixing the problem of wood rot is typically inexpensive. If you’re able to catch the problem early, you can usually use a wood filler to build up or fill the hole using a putty knife. Once it’s dry, sand it with sandpaper and repeat the filler step if you notice any other vulnerable spots. Sand again and then prime and paint so it matches the rest of the surface. If the problem is inside, make sure to take the steps to repair the cause of the damage. Fixing the wooden surfaces won’t do you any good if you have a continuous leak. Lastly, if any of the damage appears to be structural, contact a structural engineer to make sure that your home is safe and secure for your family.

It’s not a bad idea to add an annual or biannual inspection of any wooden surfaces to your regular home maintenance routine. Treat surfaces with a wood preservative before priming and painting and take the time to caulk any cracks to ensure that wood rot won’t grow into a big problem for your home.

New Naperville doors from Opal Enterprises can help add instant curb appeal to your home. Whether you’re looking for patio doors in Naperville or entry doors in Elmhurst, Opal Enterprises can help. To see a gallery of the company’s finished projects, please visit its site.

All About Bathroom Remodeling and Roof Repair

Bathroom design affects the overall beauty of the house. Internet and magazines are full of inspiring ideas that urge you to change the look of your bathroom. Bathroom design not only calls for creativity but also functionality. Effective use of all fixtures along with complementary floor and ceiling tiles is what adds charm and warmth to your bathroom. You can decide what’s best for your bathroom. If you want masculine touch, use dark colors and fewer windows while for feminine touch, light colors and small windows should be your choice. Several contractors would do bathroom remodeling for you on just a call. It will bring decoration and style to your living. Stepping inside the bathroom will give you a feel of energy and joy.

But inner beauty of the house needs to be supported with durability and strength. What’s the use of spending too much on interior decor to make your house look like a palace when the roof of your house is ready to fall? Putting a little focus on the most important part of house will save you from terrible consequences. Slight ignorance here will put your safety at risk. It is always better to take precautionary measures rather than having your roof fall upon you one day. Yes it can be as worst as that. A broken window pain or obsolete furniture is not fatal to your life but sleeping under a leaking roof is too perilous to be overlooked. Of course everyone is mindful of these things yet they choose to take action when the damage has been done.

To save you from risking your life, several contractors are working in your surroundings. Your task is to choose a trustworthy contractor that has sufficient work experience to be considered reliable for roof repair. Surf through the internet to know about the best construction services. A poor contractor can cheat on you by using third class materials so in order to have a successful roof repair you should remain vigilant about choice of the contractor.

Also roof repair can make your house environment friendly. Planting greenery on a flat roof can help block sunlight thereby causing a cool effect inside your house. Another option to keep your interior safe and block undesirable elements is the aluminum roofing.

It helps to keep the indoor temperature moderate and is also maintenance-free. But if cost effectiveness is what you are after, then solar panels and skylights are the best option for roof repair. Most of you will be tired of giving two much of currency as electricity bills. Solar panels will reduce the suffering of this monthly torture by reducing electric costs.

Thus several options which are just a click away can bring a positive change in your environment. Quality bathroom remodeling and concrete roof repair will not only add value to your home but also to your life.

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Expert Advice on Making Your Move-Up Home Purchase a Success

Many factors can lead a homeowner to decide it’s time to move from their current home to a new one. Some move-up buyers have growing families that require additional living space and more bedrooms. Others may have been first-time homebuyers with limited budgets who now have money and equity to put towards the home they wanted all along. Still others may be hoping to move to a different part of town or a newer neighborhood. Whatever your reason for joining the ranks of “move-up homebuyers,” there are plenty of important factors to consider before moving on to your new home.

With the help of one local Austin homebuilder, we’ve put together a list of tips to ensure your move-up purchase is a success. If you’re in the market to move-up or move-down, consider these important tips to ensure you get the home you deserve.

Selling Your Current Home
Before you can begin to seriously think about the home you want, it helps begin by focusing on the home you already own. How much is it worth? How much would you sell it for? In this process, an experienced real estate agent can be your best ally. Some agents specialize in helping move-up buyers sell their current home and find their new one at the same time. In fact, Buffington Signature Homes works with one of Austin’s premier realtors, Kevin Elliott of Keller Williams’ Home Resource Group. “Buyers probably have a quasi-accurate assessment of what their home is worth. I start off by talking about what separates their home from your competition,” says Kevin. “Just like not all builders are the same, not all realtors are the same. In the Austin area, the ‘average’ realtor sells less than 7 homes per year, our team of experienced agents averages over 35 homes per year.”

“People coming to see your home may have no imagination, no time and not much extra money,” says Grant Whittenberger, VP of Sales for Buffington Signature Homes. “Image is everything. In the buyer’s mind, what they see is what they get. This is why Model Homes are always in such great shape. No buyer is going to pay top dollar for a home that looks like it is in need of repair, updating, even just a good cleaning-that’s why the home you are selling must be in the best shape possible if you want the best price possible.”

Figuring Out Your Budget
Your real estate agent can provide an accurate estimate of how much your current home will sell for. Combined with your current spending and savings, you should use this information to develop a clear idea of the budget for your new home. Once you’ve established your budget, you can begin looking for builders with homes in your price range. It’s important to find a builder that specializes in your particular price range, because they should have the most experience in building homes at the best quality possible while still remaining within your budget.

Choosing What’s Most Important
Now it’s time to begin looking at houses. With a wide range of options in your new home’s location, size, layout and features, figuring our what’s most important to you and your family can help simplify the process. Narrowing your search to a few key areas of interest will help ensure you’re happy in your decision to move up.

The Location
For many people, the decision to move is essentially about the location. New communities and retail centers are cropping up in great areas all over the Austin area, and new roads are providing better access to work, recreation and entertainment. If you’re looking for a new home in a prime location, Buffington Signature Homes currently offers homes and homesites in Silver Leaf, one of Round Rock’s premier new home communities, and Forest Oaks, located just off the 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park. Later this month, they will also begin offering homes in The Bridges at Bear Creek and Southpark Meadows in South Austin.

The Living Space
While some buyers are focused on the location, others are more concerned with life inside their home. One of the most common reasons a buyer seeks to move up is the need for more space. Whether it’s additional rooms, a bigger kitchen or more family gathering space, additional square footage can make a big difference. But it’s not always about the numbers. Effective use of space in a home’s layout and design can make a big difference in how “livable” your home feels. Buffington’s innovative floorplans utilize additional spaces in useful ways, like setting aside areas for desks so that the spare bedroom doesn’t have to double as the computer room.

Quality of Construction
It’s always a good idea to remember that the most important features of your new home might be the ones you can’t see. Learn as much as you can about each builder’s construction standards and materials, and beware of discount builders that use shortcuts or inferior materials to cut costs. Every Buffington home is built to the highest quality standards, with engineered frames and foundations, traditionally framed roofs and detailed construction standards for flooring and walls. Ensuring your home is built to these quality standards can help protect your investment and virtually eliminate day-to-day maintenance.

Features and Finishes
Of course, when comes to a new home, what’s on the outside can mean just as much as what’s inside the walls. Another important point of comparison is in each builder’s standard features and finishes for their homes. Different homes can include a range of features from big to small, like appliances, window treatments or high-end plumbing and lighting fixtures. While some builders pass on the additional cost of these “luxuries” to their customers, more than 90 high-end finishing touches, called Signature Features, come standard in every Buffington home.

Building vs. Existing Inventory
In many of the area’s premier communities, you’ll also have the option of buying a home from your builder’s existing inventory or building one for yourself. Each of these options can have benefits for different buyers. Of course, building your home from the ground up offers the opportunity to select the site, design and features that best fit your needs. Buffington offers a selection of innovative floorplans and prime homesites in their communities, as well as an additional Signature Options, or special features that their customers can choose to further personalize their new home. However, if you’re a little more flexible in your tastes or if you’ve found the perfect home on the perfect lot already, buying a home from your builder’s existing inventory has its advantages. Inventory homes are typically less expensive than customized or specially designed homes. Plus, when you buy a model that’s already completed, you can start the move-in process right away!

Thomas R. Buffington is a veteran Austin builder and developer and CEO of Buffington Signature Homes. The company currently builds in two of the area’s premier communities; Silver Leaf in Round Rock and Forest Oaks in Cedar Park. In the mid-May, Buffington will begin offering homes in South Austin at The Bridges at Bear Creek and Southpark Meadows.

Interior Decoration Design – How to Create the Perfect Green Bedroom

Changing to living green is a great way to do your part while in the meantime you will be living healthier and also saving money at the same time. Green living creates a win/win way of life. You never have to compromise your interior decoration design when deciding to go green. There are thousands of designs on the market today that cater to green living. Once you eliminate all of the toxic materials that are already in your bedroom you will be on your way to a healthier and very stylish way of living.

It’s easy to go with a green interior decoration design and after all it does help our environment too. Green also goes a step further by contributing to our own sense of well being. Earth-friendly lifestyles are becoming more and more accepted and understood. This is actually a lifestyle that can be used in our entire home. Here is how you start a green makeover in your bedroom.

· Organic flooring can be easily achieved by using an wool carpet, wood, or stone. The floor is important since it is the building block for the whole room. Natural wood is a great choice as long as the floor finish is eco friendly. The wool carpet and stone flooring can be expensive and it might be cheaper to strip down and refinish an existing wood floor. Carpet might be the best option for a child’s room.

· The bedding in a green bedroom is also crucial. The mattress should be organic and made from either wool or cotton. Organic bedding is used which is made from materials that are free of toxins. The fabric for this type of bedding is made of either organic cotton or bamboo fabric. While these bedding sets can be a bit pricey, they are available and easy to find at most department stores.

· It is time to get rid of the old drapes, curtains, and shades. Replace them with untreated wood blinds or organic fabric shades. Make sure that you include organic fiber when planning your green interior decoration design. Don’t use anything on your windows that has been treated. Doing this not only looks great but it also eliminated dust mites and allergens from your bedroom.

· Even your paint must be eco friendly. Every color that you could want to redecorate your bedroom with is available in paint that is green friendly. Traditional paint can interfere with the air quality of your home because it is filled with toxins. This paint can actually be dangerous for as long as five years so always choose paint that has no VOC’s. You can also select a paint that is all natural for the same effect.

· Select the lighting for your bedroom based on the style that you like and what will go well with your decor. If your light selection includes a lamp shade then make sure that it is eco friendly and made of organic materials. Never use regular light bulbs but rather use compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are a great way to contribute to green living and still be able to stay within the perimeters of your interior decoration design. They last a lot longer and they cost less to use.

Interior decoration design has a few concepts that should be followed. However, once you understand and embrace those concepts you will be turning rooms into masterpieces!

Securing Your Home – Are Your Doors And Windows Really Safe?

Poorly designed doors and windows can seriously compromise your home security. Here is what you can do about it.

Doors should be made of solid core wood. Hollow core doors are usually easy to break through.

Doors should be at least a couple of inches thick and must fit into the frame tightly. The gap between the door and the frame should never exceed one-eighth of an inch.

Irrespective of the locks or bolts you use, if the door is weak or doesn’t fit tightly onto the frame, it will offer little security.

Does your front door have a decorative glass panel or window? If so, consider replacing it. A burglar can break the glass in seconds and unlock the door.

At the very least, replace the glass with break-resistant plastic and put a decorative grill in place.

A wrought iron security door installed over the front door will considerably enhance security. It is directly visible to would-be burglars and is a deterrent to break-ins.

If you have a security door, you can open the front door to talk to strangers without exposing your home to much risk.

Your garage door can be a weak point, especially if the garage is attached to the house. Keep it locked at all times, even when you are home. Once a thief gets into your garage, he can work at getting into the house without being seen by your neighbors or anyone on the street.

Installing a doggie door for your pet to get in can be a risk too. Burglars have used such openings to gain entry into houses, even when the doggie door is quite small!

Sometimes, homeowners take all possible precautions with the main doors, but install arcadia doors (with sliding glass) and sliding glass windows that can be easily broken into.

In fact, burglars often hunt for these types of doors and windows because they are easy to enter. Apart from that, these doors and windows are often more secluded than the main entrances, which is an added attraction to burglars.

Arcadia doors and windows often come with a lock that can be easily pried open. You must install an additional lock to keep them secure.

It may be best to use key locking devices since they won’t allow the burglar to easily remove property through these doors and windows. Get your locksmith to select a sturdy type of lock that gives you the maximum protection.

The other danger is that arcadia doors can often be lifted right out of their tracks from outside. If that is the case, the door or window offers zero protection.

To prevent this, use two sheet metal screws in the track. The screws should be positioned above the removable portion of the door / window. Ensure that the door or window fits just clear beneath the screws.

In addition, drill a hole that goes through the inside frame and part of the way through the door frame metal. Insert a nail that goes through part of the doorframe. The nail can be removed from inside but not from outside, which would prevent the door from being lifted.

Utilize these simple home security tips to protect your doors and windows and you will lessen the chances of burglaries.

Flooring – Slate Can Be a Smart Choice

What is flooring slate actually? For many years, homeowners have understood how useful stone can be as a constructing and decorating substance. From granite table tops and window sills to countertops as well as hearthstones, they add granite, slate or marble characteristics into their homes. All are gorgeous, yet even more important, they are long lasting. Slate and granite are often applied as roofing materials too, following the example of some slate roofs that have survived for centuries. And another trend in recent years has been the growing use of flooring slate.

Slate is made under extreme pressure, to ensure the molecules of the stone develop in parallel lines. This implies both slate floor tile and roofing slate tile products are easy to make since the rock splits easily into flat chunks. Some slate fades not much, while others have a higher portion of iron and calcium, and will thus weather and turn slightly brown as time passes. Unlike the wide variety of granite colors, slate is normally limited to black, and shades of brown, red and green. However, that’s not truly an issue for slate flooring, because homeowners do not want their floors drawing all of the attention, and therefore are not likely to want elaborate colors.

The natural flat split of slate can be processed and formed, so flooring slate may appear in different ways depending on the context. If slate chunks are left unpolished and somewhat rough, they can be applied as flagstones in the garden or yard. A slate tile wall, used for instance in a bathroom, may use tiles cut evenly, with sharp edges to develop tight joints and the surface honed flat and smooth. In the same way, slate flooring tiles might be cut and installed evenly, or they might remain in diverse shapes and fitted together to form a pattern.

A good thing about flooring slate in these times is its environmentally friendly nature. As a natural stone product, it does not require either frequent repair or renewal. Slate flooring and roofing tiles both have a high life expectancy if maintained to a certain minimum standard. This fire-resistant stone can certainly help make the home safer, increasing the value of the house and potentially reducing insurance expenses. As a clean, long-lasting and naturally awesome material, slate can be an environmentally friendly alternative during renovations or in home building.

Move Your Home In A Slow Real Estate Market With Incentives

It slices, it dices, but that’s not all… We’ve all seen those infomercials offering all types of incentives to get us to buy that useless little gadget. Well, you should do the same with your house in a slow market.

The are called incentives and they are your friend. They represent one way to make your home stand out from those around you. In a slow market, they represent one of the few things other than price that can give you an advantage over your neighbors who are also trying to sell. So, what exactly are the incentives you can offer to buyers?

The first thing to offer is a home warranty. This pays for any unexpected repairs needed for the home. Don’t guarantee the home yourself. You can buy a policy from an insurer in the name of the buyer. It will run you $400 or so and make the buyer a lot more comfortable with your property.

Along this line of thought, you can also get a pre-sale home inspection done. You should then make the report available to the buyers. This will also allow you to address any problems that turn up. The buyers looking at your home will appreciate it, but don’t expect them to rely on it. They will want to do their own as a matter of due diligence, but it still adds to your credibility.

No home is perfect for any buyer. A huge incentive that can close a deal is to offer an allowance for redoing parts of the interior. This can include the replacement of the carpet, counters, appliances, some painting or whatever. Just express it in a dollar figure.

Since you are an adult reading this article, you are undoubtedly already aware of the joys of moving. It is a nightmare for the buyer, but an incentive opportunity for you. Offer to let buyers store things in your garage and/or house. Strangely, sellers rarely do this, instead treating buyers like they are the plague. If you help a buyer out in this way, they are going to have a positive view of you and be more likely to work with you if any problems come up during closing.

The final incentive is the biggest. Offer the potential buyer seller financing. That means you are financing part of the purchase of your home. It sounds strange, but can make the difference between a sold home and one sitting on the market. Offering a second mortgage on a home is fairly common and not particularly risky.

There are always incentives you can come up with to move your home when the market is dragging. The key is to really listen to what buyers are beefing about and try to come up with a solution. If you do, your house will move like it is a red hot sellers market.